Thursday, January 04, 2007

a new hotpad

better view {new hotpad}

sorry about yesterday. {i could feel your eyes {lovingly} roll sam!} no real excuse. and hannah was bang on. less time worrying about it is in order! the little bug has been diagnosed with esotropia and is experiencing some discomfort while she wears a patch to try and strengthen her weak eye. we think she is experiencing some discomfort from the strain. and in turn so are we! and she will start wearing glasses next monday. (she seems quite excited by that prospect.)i think this got me thinking about hometime vs. worktime a bit more than usual.

the bugs and i pulled out some scraps of fabric sent recently from stephanie and pulled this together. our house is full of blues and oranges. and it makes me smile.

and i feel better already.


sally said...

Your new hot pad makes me happy! Have a great day T.

molly said...

i've been eyeing that orange teapot for awhile now. i love the colors. and of course your new hot pad makes it look even better!! xo.

Courtney said...

Hugs to you. My brother-in-law and my friend's son both had that, and are doing just great. I love your hotpad, very cheerful.

melissa f. said...

patchwork does a heart good.

she's gonna look so freaking cute in glasses.

hannah said...

your kettle never looked sexier. (uh, is that something your hubby should be saying??)

and little bug in glasses??? so cute!

amy h said...

I'm not sure if it was the same thing, but my sister had to wear an eyepatch for a while when she was younger. (She actually ended up having surgery to correct double-vision.) She now wears cute little cat-eye glasses. I'm sure you'll find some fun ones.

Great patchwork!

Robyn said...

I love the colors of the potholder. I also wanted to share that I wore a patch for a time in 2nd grade. I had(have) a lazy eye and they hoped it would help strengthen it. I think by that point, it was a bit late and I was too old? for the surgery. I did do some eye exercises that seemed to help, but we couldn't afford them. In the end, I still have a lazy eye. It's noticeable, but not off-putting (I taught high schoolers and they liked me, so it couldn't be too bad, right?) and I've worked hard to make my eyes work together. I still wear glasses and can even wear contacts. So I say all that to say that even if the eye problem isn't completely corrected, life can still be good. :0)

gracia said...

Yes, blues & oranges and some comforting words do seem to have the desired effect. That hot pad puts all others to shame.
take care, g

stephanie said...

love what you've done with these fabrics! the blues and oranges made me think of you (the bundle of pinks was for the girls).

i wanted to say about your last post that by slow living i don't necessarily mean doing less (although sometimes saying no is a good thing, and you manage to do an incredible amount). i mean doing things with more intention and less worry. i've totally not done that this week as i've had auction snafus and our own kid health crisis to deal with, but tomorrow is another day, right? hugs to you.

k is going to look so cute in her glasses!

janice said...

Using that pot would make any morning bright - love it & the hotpad lovely T