Tuesday, January 30, 2007

sunshine on a cloudy day

sunshine{cloudy day}

it is cloudy and cold and looks like it will rain any minute now. this kind of weather puts me in a fabulous mood. socal is almost season-less. and this feels like something!

we got the new floor finished in the bathroom. you can not imagine the joy this brings me. (ok, d, i know you can imagine!) you can check it out here. it is glass tile and cork and it smells so good and feels so good and. well. i am in love with my floor. it is true. i think a thursday "corner of our home" post is a must...

the above pictured poncho was precured this past weekend while on a treasure hunt with sam. {thanks sam for your sharp eye once again!} the trip also yielded three new dresses for miss e and a fabulous hand-knit vest for miss k. the poncho appears to be handmade. and is a bit of sunshine on this otherwise cloudy day.

we are busy getting our miniswap package together. and working on aprons and bonnets for the bugs. all perfect for a day like today.


eva said...

hi tracy, i love your bathroom. the colours you choose look so warm. i also checked out your photos on flickr and i love your home :: our tastes are very similar. gotta love mid-century furnishings :: so well made and so pleasant on the eyes!

Alicia A. said...

What a cutie patootie in her bright poncho!

And that bathroom floor? Oh, I'm swooning over flooring! (I am a dork.)

Take care and enjoy your cool weather!

sally said...

Tracy, you already know how in love I am with your house. But the cork + tile is perfection. [Great job, D!] My dream house will have cork + bamboo floors. =)

And the yellow poncho is bringing back some good memories. My mom made me a red poncho when I was young and I wore it ALL the time. Wish I had it now.

janice said...

Want the floor. Now!
Gorgeous gorgeous - feel free to send D. up north if he ever feels the need to install flooring!! Will seriously consider cork for the bathroom when I get around to finding the money for a revamp (no longer have the pole dancer body I once had, so extra cash is hard to come by...stop laughing ;-) Also under consideration: marmoleum and bamboo.

Great poncho on the lovely bug!

melissa f. said...

i'm so glad about all this, i can only imagine how happy you must be!

(now i'm rethinking our bathroom... hmmm)

lisa s said...

oh! reminds me of my poncho filled childhood....

and new bathroom floor? yippee!

Kristina said...

Ooohhh I can't wait to see your bathroom on Thursday!
LOVE, love, LOVE the poncho!!!

leta joy said...

Totally awesome poncho.