Monday, January 22, 2007

i'm not very good at this game

studio floor

justine just tagged me.

i have been pretty good at avoiding these kinds of things over the last year of blogging. now two in one week. i don't at all want to sound bitchy. i always enjoy what others answer when put in this place. and i am a big fan of the 2 who tagged me. but i am not very good at this. it makes me feel slightly awkward. don't really know why. that same feeling i used to have in gym class when the ball was headed my way. my answer then was to duck. i have gotten much better at catching balls in recent years. i even own "athletic shoes" (as my husband calls them). so for you justine. here i go. (you can read the rules etc. on this here.)

5 random things i don't think you know about me

1. i was accepted into a graduate program at the bard center for curatorial studies and art in contemporary culture. i deferred. then declined. every so often i wish i had said yes. but if i had i wouldn't have had the opportunities to meet some really amazing artists. (i love working with artists.) go to some really amazing places. or likely have married d. who i am very very happy i said yes to. and had the joys that are my kids.

2. yesterday my church nominated me to join the vestry. i deferred. next year i may decline.

3. i am thinking that a family of 5 sounds really really nice. but i am not yet completely convinced it would be right for us.

4. i have spoken to my mom on the telephone almost everyday since my dad died 5 years ago this february.

5. my mentor is a truly amazing woman named mildred "connie" constantine. she turned 92 in june. i am so blessed to have her in my life. someday i hope to write a book about her. the big bug's middle name is constance.



lisa said...

so glad you tried this game. it's fun to learn about you. i didn't know you were episcopalian, for example. my parents are very active in the E. church, and also very progressive. gives me faith in religion. anyhow, i hope you have a great day.

melissa f. said...

funny thing about the things we say no to. it always becomes clear at some point.

i think you should feel free to do these sorts of excercises only when you want... i always look at them as someone sort of telling/asking you to do something specific in a space that's very much your own.

sally said...

So great to learn more about you! =)

Nathan said...

love to hear more about you- really cool.

i secretly think it's fun to answer surveys or do these kinds of things, but rarely do so!

angelique said...

I too feel there are parallel lives I could have lived if I had made certain choices at certain times, but I made different ones and so this is the life I am living now. And I love it. But still, sometimes I am curious about those parallel lives that never unfolded. Interesting to hear of yours!

Carol said...

crap- it's me (carol)- again...sorry.

Amy said...

Very interesting. Thanks for sharing. I clicked on your church link and it sounds really cool. We are Episcopalian as well, but unfortunately our church is very aged demographically speaking. There are very few young families, but it's being addressed this year, so maybe we'll get some more. How cool that they value the arts! That's one thing that our church is very good about too.

lisa s said...

but you are good at this.... very very good.... and i love these tid bit sneaks....