Friday, April 21, 2006

Best laid plans...

Time to put this apron to work. Inspiration abounds.... here, here, (must gocco on fabric!), here (music swap!), here (have I really not finished these yet?!) and here (must find one more skein...). Hoping for a productive weekend! Wish me luck!! (I think I will need it.)

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

I am having a terrible time finding any more of Muench Big Baby yarn in Rainbow. It seems to be backordered everywhere I go. If anyone spots some I would be so willing to compensate them for picking some up for me... Thanks!

OOPS! And how could I forget. Happy birthday baby brother. I love you!

me and he


melissa f. said...

I've just discovered i'm INCHES short of fabric needed to finish a project. grrr. So happens that the fabric store is next door to a yarn store, so i'll stop in tomorrow and see what i can see.

Tracy said...

thanks melissa! i only have about 4 inches left to knit on a poncho for e. it is frustrating isn't it?! have fun at the fabric store :)

melissa f. said...

Ack! No luck. The lady looked at me like I was crazy. BUT. If we go on a bikeride this afternoon, I'll swing by another one and check. Portland is RIDDLED with yarn.

Tracy said...

thanks for trying! don't go out of your way!! hope you found what you needed at the fabric store!