Sunday, April 09, 2006

bedtime storytime

late-night story

the big bug had her "very best bud in the world" sleep over last night. sleep. not too much. but they had a lot of fun. i would have thought they would have been much too young for this. (they are both almost 5.) but the friend is a really outgoing child and has become completely comfortable with staying at our place. they entertain each other so well. "reading" stories to each other until the wee hours. (ok- until 10 o'clock - but that feels like the "wee hours" at our house!)


gracia said...

Oh! I like your reading list in the side bar... the author of the Colour book is working on one about gemstones now (I think that's what i read in the paper the other day?). Great post - brings back many memories of childhood sleep-overs all those years ago.

Tracy said...

oh! i'll have to watch for that book... glad to know someone is reading the sidebar - i never know!!