Friday, April 07, 2006


Orange is my pink.

As a girl my mom never dressed me in pink. There isn't even a baby picture of me in pink. She always said she felt it wasn't a good color for redheads. Part of me thinks it was more her not buying into gender roles etc. Whatever her reason. I never wore pink. But lots and lots of orange. I remember an orange and yellow plaid pantsuit. I remember an orange parka and snowpants. I remember a winter toque with an orange edging that I never wanted to take off. A chocolate brown dress for Christmas with tiny orange flowers...

I still love orange. I did go through a serious pink phase some years ago. I even wore a pink dress at our wedding. A bit of rebellion perhaps? I don't think so. There are just so many wonderful pinks out there (I have even seen my mom - a redhead as well - in pink of late!)

But I don't think I own any orange clothing now. But there is orange throughout our home. Here are a few spots I found while getting ready this morning...





This will be my last color post as I try not to spend time on the computer over the weekends. (Kind of ironic as tomorrow is pink and pink - right now - rules as far as the big bug is concerned. We do laundry loads of pink...) I have really enjoyed this. Thanks so much Shash for the wonderful idea. You can see a rainbow of colors here.

Have a wonderful weekend!

I have been toying with the idea of trying to organize a kid's CD swap. What do you think? Having never done anything like this before I am a little hesitant... and would love some feedback.


this single spark said...

I love your kettle!!! What is it? Where can I get one? My kettle is on the verge of death, and I $100 set aside from my income tax return to buy a really good one. Will happily spend less, but ever since I robbed a bank (mine) to get excellent pots, I'm convinced that one shouldn't scrimp on kitchen wear.

Tracy said...

it is a great kettle - le creuset. a bday gift to david some years ago. I don't know if they still make this model - it might whistle now... xo

this single spark said...

Thanks! Will see what I can find. I think this calls for a trip to the Happy Cooker.

tracie said...

hello there
I've been really enjoying your blog and I LOVE your house. A kids CD swap would be fantastic as I'm always looking for new stuff (if you want to do a swap to Australia that is).

shim + sons said...

Love the orange in your home. A children's CD swap is a fantastic idea!

Lizette said...

I like all these orange details around your house. I'm in for the CD.

petite gourmand said...

love love love these color inspiring.