Wednesday, April 05, 2006



The rain has stopped momentarily.

My dear friend C is my constant inspiration for practicing "green". She makes me think carefully about the choices I make. (I think of her and remember to take those canvas bags to the market!) And leads me to resources that help me make those choices. She has even started a Green Drinks International group in the small city we grew up in! (Check if you have one in your neighborhood...)On this green wednesday I salute her! (Check out her site - and her links. All so green!)

I know I have mentioned some of these before. But today again they seem apt.

Some green links that inspire me:
Walking Schoolbus
Boston Schoolyard Initiative
Community Environment Park
Path to Freedom
Garden School

Be Green.


More great green links at little birds!


Mama D said...

Love those pictures! Yes, dear C. She definately inspires green living! Now if I can only convince her to come help me plan my flower garden...

Jill said...

The "Path to Freedom" house is right in my neighborhood! How cool.

Tracy said...

thanks mama d! i am sure she'll be happy to lend you a hand :)

Did you know about the house Jill? I have often wondered what kind of presence they have in the community...