Monday, April 17, 2006

"I love it"

easter eggs.3

We had a lovely holiday weekend. Painting eggs. Visit from the Easter Bunny. A fabulous egg hunt. A chance for the big bug to wear her new "fancy shoes" that she had so carefully been saving!

The girls (that includes me!) ate much too much chocolate. I never allowed the big bug to partake in the sweet stuff until she was well over two. But I caved with the little one - who will be two in June - and let her in on it. She carefully watched her big sister who hordes her chocolate (it isn't a frequent treat) and will have a little nibble every day for a week until she eventually forgets it is there. Then the little bug quickly stuffed as much as she could into her mouth. Causing me to have to pop a few chocolate eggs out of her mouth as she yelled "NOOOOO. Chocolate. Pleeeeease. Moooooo pleeeease. I love it! Pleeeeease!!"

And then there was the mail on Saturday. I thought the box was a little too big for the tissue holder I had ordered. The one with the beautiful apple print that I wanted as soon as I saw it here. The big bug immediately commented that it must be a special package to have such lovely flowered tape on it.

And it was very special. It held this

littlebirds apron -

Thank you so much Stephanie! It is so lovely. The craftsmanship, attention to detail and styling so much to my liking. (In my haste to photograph it I missed the lovely little pin cushion that hangs down on one side.) I didn't want to have to take it off! I love it!!

Plus it seemed to be imbued with powers to make me get some of the languishing projects I have hanging around the house done. (Hopefully more on this soon!)

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melissa f. said...

That's a great apron. We all but skipped Easter this year... It's a little sad but I'm really enjoying everyones beautiful pictures.