Monday, April 24, 2006


your television!


It is National Turn-off your TV Week. It isn't easy. But it is rewarding.

Some links to check-out
the Campaign for a Commercial-free Childhood
the TV Turnoff Network
what your pediatrician says...

We had a lovely full weekend. Breakfast with this dear friend and her lovable little guy down by the beach. And she took me to a fabulous fabric store where the big bug chose some long admired fabric for summer skirts for her and her sister. Then Sunday we took in the annual Pierce College Farm Walk. The College is just around the corner from us so we try to take in as much of its programming as we can. It was a beautiful day.

farmwalk.1 (mooo)

I love that this wide open space is so close to our front door. (Must be the prairie girl in me...) The big bug said her favorites were the chickens (always are for some reason) and the little bug "baa" and "neigh". The sheep-shearing and spinning and the equestrian drill-team were popular as well.

farmwalk.2 (baaa)

farmwalk.2 (ahhh)

And the apron even worked some magic and got some crafting done! But will share that another time. I don't watch much television - the occasional DVD or (guilty-pleasure)episode of Grey's Anatomy... So besides keeping our tv off all week - I am going to try spending less time on-line too... Bye for now...


stephanie said...

The farm looks like so much fun. I just adore sheep!

Thanks for posting about tv-turnoff week. Great links. I also want to recommend the book "The Plug-In Drug" by Marie Winn to anyone interested in this issue. At my daughter's school they are talking about it in terms of "screen time", so that means tv, video games, computer, and even mobile phones these days! My kids don't watch tv and I watch very little, but my computer is my vice, so I will follow your lead and try to limit my own screen time this week. OK, closing my laptop now!

melissa f. said...

Aaah, "screen time"... Very addictive. Thanks for the links. No yarn, but I'll keep my eyes open. I'll check in with email periodically during the week... I'm trying to map out the most effective way of getting the most amount of thrift stores while i'm home.

Anonymous said...

it's monday so I get to read what we did this weekend. moo, baa, lalala...! Our house is 1500 sqft, sorry. And I did turn off the Laker game during the first quarter. It was too frustrating to watch... I should show you an old painting that I did for a stinkbug demo tape called "channel 9".

Shari said...

beautiful farm pictures, tracy. so so nice. hope you had fun. take care, shari

jorth said...

I can't turn off our television... because we don't own one. Hooray!

Tracy said...

yay jorth! well done!!

stephanie - i agree winn's book is a must read. fascinating - and a little scarey. it certainly has influenced the "screen time" in our house...