Thursday, April 20, 2006

Corners of Our Home 11

In which she shows a little more clutter than she is comfortable with.


Another wonderful set of bookshelves by D. Without whom we would have boxes and boxes of my books everywhere... This entire wall of the office used to be a closet. He tore it all out. Built a smaller closet. And these shelves. We now need to build a better desk/work area.

Our house isn't big. Around 1700 sq ft (is that right D?) It has three bedrooms - one of which we use as an office/guest bedroom. That leaves the girls sharing a room. Which right now they seem to have no problem with. Not knowing anything different and loving being together. But I wonder how long that will last? With real estate the way it is here. We can't afford to move anywhere larger in our area. (We couldn't even afford to buy our own home now.) So if we stay we may have to add on. Or put together one of these in the backyard!

For those with kids - what are your experiences with room sharing? And anyone out there have experience with small prefab structures?

More corners here.


this single spark said...

Did you check out the Tumbleweed Tiny House Co. on my blog? Maybe you "need" one of those for your back yard. I want the gypsy caravan!

Tracy said...

i did - they are great!!! read your previous comment - just want to knock on your door and have a cup of coffee with you. it made me teary too... love u

shim + sons said...

Tracy, I love the modern shed! I also really appreciated your post from yesterday. It is something many mothers think/struggle with, and it was great to read your perspective and experiences.

melissa f. said...

I dream of having built-in (or faux built-in) bookcases for our house. Yours look great.

Tracy said...

thanks sally!

melissa - they are kinda faux (is that possible?). they were made from ikea shelves and d just worked the space so that they fit in...

stephanie said...

tracy, our house is smaller than yours and my husband works full time at home, so we're pretty cramped. i wish we could move him to a little pod in the backyard, but we don't have the room there either!

i think sharing a room can be a wonderful experience for siblings. there are some really creative ways to create private spaces for each within one room. my kids shared a room for a couple of years, and i think that if they were the same gender, we would have tried harder to make it work for long term, but now my son sleeps in an alcove in the hall (and everyone is happy).