Monday, April 03, 2006



Shash of MECOZY and Mav of port2port {press} came up with a lovely way to move through the week. I love the idea of Monday being yellow. I love yellow. And it puts a bright fresh face on the beginning of a new week. (One with a difficult time change no less!)

It is grey and cloudy here today - with another storm on the way. But I did manage to find some yellow.


Had another busy weekend. Breakfast with a dear friend on Saturday morning at a fabulous diner in Hermosa Beach. We are going to make this a standing date. First Saturday of each month. Kids in tow. Husbands at home. Some coffee (decaf for her!) and conversation. It felt so good. A trip to the Getty Center on Sunday. Forgot my camera. And another birthday. Another apron!

for mac

Hope your Monday is yellow!


Kristina said...

What a GREAT idea, with a standing Sunday date! I've actually been to a diner for brunch in that area - Hermosa, Redondo, Manhattan beaches. Forgot which one though! LOVely area....sigh... I stayed with a friend in Torrance for a week or so once.
Love the outfit under the apron ;o)

two trees said...

love your yellows!

Tracy said...

thank you thank you!