Thursday, April 27, 2006

Corners of Our Home 12

much better viewed large

when our development was built(1955), every homeowner was given an olive tree for the front yard, and palms for the back. the woman we bought from told us she refused the palms because she didn't want a mess in the pool. no trees for her. the olive died long ago. these palms hang over the fence to us from the neighbors to the left and right.

this is what we see when we lie on our backs in the pool. for a canadian prairie girl it all seems quite thrilling.

the yard itself is a mess. still working on putting in a new sprinkler system to prepare for new plantings. it is good to look up!

we have been wanting to lie on our backs - looking up - in the yard lately - but the weather isn't cooperating. so instead we go for long walks. look for bugs. and pretend we are working our farm. (big bug is obsessed with farm-life since our weekend excursion...)

what have you been doing while your tv is off?

more corners here.


this single spark said...

I have been working in the garden. 4 shrubs and a tiny blue spruce have been moved to their permanent locations. Many dandelions have been dug up. The herb garden has been cleaned (the oregano and thyme that should have frozen to death over the winter appear to be coming back!). A few beers have been drunk.

I have also been cleaning the house in preparation for a friend who is moving in this weekend. She is taking a three month course at the university. The spare bedroom has been used as a closet, so it's tons of work to get it ready.

Also, working on my taxes. Grrr. Will finish tonight.

Jennifer said...

Oh, thank you for the view of the palms. As a California girl transplanted to BC islands, I sure do miss the palms and foliage.