Friday, April 28, 2006

music to my ears

i can't believe that it is friday already. i came down with a flu bug monday. stayed in bed tuesday. felt a bit better by wednesday. and returned in full yesterday.

during all that for some reason i was extra blessed by musical mail this week!

first off there was the fantastic cd put together for me by shari of the glass doorknob as part of lisa's music swap. i love love love it shari. part of the reason i got involved with the swap is that i felt a little out of touch with music that has been released in the last two years or so (since about the time the little bug was born). music has always been a big part of my life. and d's too. (he has a large vinyl collection) but i haven't done much (any?) music purchasing in the last while as our budget stretched with our expanding family! (thank god for kcrw's music programming!) this cd fulfilled my wish and then some (sleater-kinney rocks! where have i been???) the kids were thrilled with the magic of the little sponge capsules - and the postcards included were beautiful too. (not to mention the cd packaging.) i love it all shari. perfect - as you suggested - for my commute. and the tea perfect for my commuter cup! thank you so much.

the next day my husband came in with the mail and asked me why i was getting another cd? i had no idea. until i saw the return address. this one was sent on by my oldest and dearest friend. (i was telling the big bug last night that we met when you played the french horn and i the flute. what a history!) a reminder of where i come from and what i am missing! thanks c. i love it. already on heavy rotation. and you are right on about both bedouin and andy. and who would have ever thought i would be singing along to a song called "i hate winnipeg"? (it isn't what it sounds like - rather about the "pull of home". great article on it, and the weakerthans, found here.) i miss you so.

and of course into the packet from c was a little something for the wee ones. sing-a-long and lullibies for the curious george film - by jack johnson. (in my opinion the saving grace of this movie was the music...) the 3 r's is being played over and over and over and over... (this song was first found on the kid's compilation mary had a little amp - another great kids' cd. can you tell i have the kids' music swap on my mind? hope all have been in touch with their partners!)

and now promises of a cd swap with hayley! very exciting...

so music carried me through the week. what have you been listening to lately?

i did pretty well staying away from my screen. will fill in on the projects from last weekend next week!

have a lovely weekend!


this single spark said...

Ohmygosh. That article on the Weakerthans left me feeling incredibly homesick. Weird. I live two hours away and go to Wpg all the time. Heading there in a couple of hours. Very different from living there, though. I do really miss it, though I'm quite settled here. Miss the good old days with you my friend. Remember when that guy flashed us outside Wellingtons, and then he turned up in the Albert later on?? And you went up to the woman he was talking to and told her about it? Ahhhh..... Those were fun times.

Tracy said...

ahhh. those were the days my friend...!

Shari said...

hi tracy!
i am so glad that you like your cd. thanks for the kind words!! i'm looking forward to hearing what you've been up to during turn off the tv/computer week. wishes for a great weekend! shari

molly said...

oh yes, we are big jack johnson fans in this house! even my two year old always says, "wecycle! wecycle!" everytime I get in the car, until the put the 3R's on the CD player! he's great! The funny thing is, my kids wanted to see the movie because they loved jack johnson more than they loved the books!

blair said...

Glad you are better. Doesn't having new music to listen to help : )