Friday, May 05, 2006

b l u e s k y


Happy Cinco de Mayo.

Looks to be a lovely weekend. Hope you enjoy!


cally said...

Lovely photgraph, all that bright sky.

Nice to hear from you over at my blog, I've got so behind on my blog reading cause I had a posting frenzy recently (as you may have noticed!) so I will need ot catch up with you and about 50 others that I normally read regularly.

It's so hard to stay in and read on the rare days of warmth when my garden needs so much work. Sounds like you are getting a lot started in the garden too, love that you have a pool. When we lived in Venice we never had a pool so we walked to the beach a couple of times every week.

I love that Venice beach hasn't really changed, whenever it shows on movies it still looks like the early 80's, it's just that people have roller blades instead of roller skates... I will always be a skates girl.

I wonder if skateboard mama still hangs out on Venice Beach? She used to use skates sometimes and I can't really imagine her on blades. I hope she's still alive.

two trees said...

i haven't popped by to say hello in a while so i thougth i would. hope you had a good weekend!

Tracy said...

thanks cally. there is so much about socal that i find frozen in the early 80s! (we live in the valley!) don't know the skate mama. do know the wonderful skate guy with the white robe, turban and guitar...(i lived in venice when i first moved here. loved it.)

shanna - so good to "see" your voice!!