Friday, May 12, 2006

“For all those who want to dress their children practically and cheaply, yet with individuality…”

I [heart] Gillian Lockwood.

I realize after my apron post, I should have tempered it by saying that I love the Shimmy, Shake & Bake apron, and if what I was working on had looked anything like the picture in the book I would have been thrilled.

And that many times I absolutely require a pattern. Either for the entire production – or as an essential jumping off point.

So when I found this little book by Lockwood second-hand, I was thrilled. It is chock-full of great patterns for kids’ clothing.

clothes for young children - front

The outfits, the kids, and the photo-styling, are adorable.

clothes for young children.2

The patterns and the instructions clear and concise. (There is even a section on hand-smocking that make it sound not too bad. Maybe, if I get really ambitious!)

clothes for young children.4

I have used her pattern books before. This little piggy being based on one in her Making Soft Toys that I found at our library and have since picked up used. (Her books seem to be very easy to get a hold of.)

And the text on the back of the book. Priceless.

clothes for young children - back

I hope you have a lovely weekend. And to all the mamas out there an extra special day on Sunday. Happy Mothers’ Day.

Don't forget to mail your Kids' CD Swap this weekend if you can!!

And, if you are in So Cal and looking for a Mothers’ Day treat, head over to Felt Club at Meltdown Comics Saturday. Being billed as a “mini craft fair”, Lizette and many other talents will be selling their wares. Check it out if you can!


melissa f. said...

This is great. I missed out on sewing before Sam was born (another casualty of the house remodel), and up until this last year, I sort of forgot that I knew how to do it at all! It's one of the reasons I love craft blogs so much-- it reminds me of things I actually know how to do, and challenges me to see how far I can take them.

samlamb said...

Tracy - what an awesome find! The styles are so great. I hope Sadie takes to frocks and smocks and aprons, because they would be so much fun to make!

steph said...

I'm charmed to have discovered your blog. And I just bought that book on your suggestion (Amazon)--there's so much satisfaction in making clothes for my kids, so much appreciation that comes with it at a young age. Makes my world go around!
Happy Mother's Day!

Tracy said...

i love that melissa! i think nicely sums up my interest in this bloggin world too...

sam - i think all little girls love smocks and aprons! though now at (almost) 5 my oldest is really starting to get her own sense of style!!

steph - so glad you "came by". the book is great - hope you enjoy...