Monday, May 15, 2006

s t r e t c h (e d)


Feeling overtired. The weekend was full. Maybe a little too. The little bug and I are paying for it today.

We did have a lovely Saturday evening with a dear dear friend who is moving back to Ohio tomorrow. She came here two years ago for a job opportunity at LACMA. And now love, and I think quality of life, are taking her back. It has been such a treat having her nearby. Though we still didn't get to spend enough time together. Is L.A. just too big? (We are about a 45 minute drive away from each other.) Does one put off seeing friends that are close by, taking it for granted, not thinking that this may not always be the case? Does life just hurry by too fast? I think here I am guilty of using all these excuses.

But I do love you Jennie! And I will so miss you!

We met over 10 years ago at grad school. And it is such a blessing to feel that she will always be there, in my life, no matter how far apart we may be.

How long of a drive is it to Oberlin anyway?


molly said...

Do I ever agree with you that life is moving too fast! This has been on my brain so much lately. I just feel rushed in life right now, like there's not enough time in the day, on the calendar, with my children, with my do we slow down the pace of life and not feel like we are rushing through just trying to survive to the next "break"? I want my whole life to feel calm and peaceful and unrushed. I always feel like I'm behind or running late....
wow, I guess I needed to unload about this, huh???
Hope you'll have a few slow days to recover from your weekend and enjoy living!!

Kristina said...

THAT'S what I've been talking about too!
I guess this is where *carpe diem* comes in?

melissa f. said...

Great picture, Tracy.

Tracy said...

i am so there with you molly and kristina!! where do the days go? how can i slow it all down? (i feel another post coming on...)

and thanks melissa! the plant is amazing. a giant fern. about 12 feet tall!!

Susanne Hamilton said...

Tracy - dear friend I so agree- it seems we all " need"? to do so much in the small space of hours we call a day. Family's, work, and life in general take up so much time, but we should'nt feel guilty as they are supposed to! and its the little efforts that we do like sending an e-mail, or a card to a friend, or just thinking about a special moment or time we shared with a particular friend, that takes those few minutes of the day - is what's imporant!

Love you!
p/s I love your blog!!!

this single spark said...

Just this morning, Dr. Edward Hallowell was on the radio plugging his new book "CrazyBusy." Sounds like a must read, if only we can find the time.

Tracy said...

ahhh susi! you made my day!