Wednesday, May 10, 2006

letting go of apron strings


this one has been such a long and drawn out project. it feels so good to have it finished. it began last fall as a christmas present for (sorry to spoil the surprise c - but you know how i am with surprises!) someone very special. i was inspired by all the buzz around Denyse Schmidt's book, picked it up, and decided i would make the Shimmy, Shake & Bake Apron. gathered up some fabric, cut my strips, sewed them together. then it sat. and sat. and sat.

i was unhappy with the block. it just didn't grab me. i didn't realize that then but i do now. it was also (a lot) smaller than i think it was supposed to be and seemed too decorative rather than a practical apron pocket.

so last night i cut up strips from this sheet (again) and decided to piece them together. while cutting i noticed the sheet had a marking of a maple leaf and the words TEX MADE (hmmm, could it be canadian like us c?)- which i liked so decided to incorporate.

tex made

i love working this way. without a pattern. making it up as i go along. (although the method also causes many many failed attempts!) i think i work best this way. i had forgotten this. felt insecure about taking things in my own hands. during my bfa thesis year i made quilts instead of painting as i was supposed to - and received a lot of flack for it. i painted and silkscreened on them but that didn't seem to appease the powers at hand. (ahh art school. reminds me i can't wait to see this...)

anyway, the apron is finished. i promise i will (try to!) mail it this week!


Kristina said...

Loving the apron!
Oh I wanna go see that movie - if it ever airs here!?
Didn't I just get you right on, with that photo in Flickr, huh?
Thought so ;o)

this single spark said...

Hurray! Can't wait!

Picture this... me, in my lovely new apron, t-shirt, skirt, flip flops, puttering in my kitchen, stepping out to the herb garden, thinking of you.

melissa f. said...

That turned out really well! I have so many things languishing in the "nearly done" pile. One night it's all gonna get done!

blair said...

Excellent, I love it. I love using a sheet for the pocket, love the neutral apron itself, love that you threw out the first try. Go girl!

stephanie said...

love it!

Ali said...

Love you apron, particularly the b&w and linen look.

Tracy said...

thanks all :)

molly said...

I absolutely LOVE that apron! I love the linen with the black and white. I'm the same way with sewing--i much prefer to fly by the seat of my pants than use a pattern..but that also leaves me with lots of mistakes. My seam ripper and I are close pals. great that you came back to this apron and did such a wonderful job!