Thursday, May 18, 2006

Corners of Our Home 15

back to the bugs' room

and this pillow that resides on the big bug's bed.


she puts it there, carefully, each morning as she makes her bed. and then makes sure that jack the cat has his rightful place on top of it. (my girls are certainly not afraid of mixing patterns!)


both were (beautifully) made, with love, by a very dear friend. (without whom i would never have figured this blogging thing out. and without whom L.A. would be a very lonely place.)

jack is especially useful when one needs a hug.


more corners here.

I have spotted a few very cute packages going out for the Kids' CD Swap. So had to set up a flickr group. Check it out - and for those who are participating - you are invited to join up!


stephanie said...

so bright and cheery! i've not had a chance to comment on your last couple of posts as, well, my days are quite fast right now, but i'm just really with you. i'm with you, but without any answers or suggestions. we're going to try to have a really relaxed and unstructured summer - our last one before mia goes off to full-day school for the first time. means some stepping away from my own projects for a while, but i'll be able to pick them up again when the fall arrives.

wishing you some unrushed moments...xo.

shim + sons said...

I love this corner! Puts a smile on my face.

P.S. I'm off to Flickr to upload some photographs!

Courtney said...

Adorable pillow and cat, but even more adorable little girl. Thanks so much for organizing the kid's cd swap. It was a blast, and I just uploaded my photos to the flickr group!

petite gourmand said...

where does your friend get such great fabrics?
love your blog,
especially all the happy corners of your home.

molly said...

in some odd way, I feel like the cat is camouflaged. maybe if emma had cute things like that on her bed, it would motivate her to make it each morning, too!! :)

Tracy said...

thanks for stopping by stephanie! em is going into fullday kindergarten (la school district is starting this in all the schools) in sept. so we are in a similar situration. want to make this summer simmer!

thanks sally and courtney! (love your swap packages!)

petite - she thrifts a lot of it. and has a great fabric store not too far away (M&L)

it works for us molly :)