Monday, May 08, 2006


lying in the little bug's bed reading stories with the windows wide open and the breeze coming in. quack. splash. a duck lands in the pool.

quietly we sneak outside for a closer look. cushions pulled up along the pool fence. duck swims and swims.

quack. another duck is seen circling the neighborhood. quack quack our pool duck calls in reply. their conversation continues. the quacks get closer together. louder. until another quack. splash. another duck in our pool.

the ducks swim and swim.

the girls are in complete awe.

the ducks exit the pool. shake off their feathers and fly away.

tears and sadness. duuuuck. quaaaack.



melissa f. said...

very sweet. a pool? i know you've mentioned it before, but this time i was struck by the possibilities-- completely impractical in our corner of the coast, but nice to think about all the same!

this single spark said...

I've also been having visitors. An assortment of neighborhood cats hanging out by the composter. Which I can only imagine means that I have mice. Or rats. Ugh. Would much rather have ducks!