Friday, May 19, 2006

"friday light"

just a quick post to wish all a lovely (read slow) weekend!

we don't have too much on our plates. we did come home yesterday with a large trachemys scripta elegans in need of a home (found on the field adjoining the girls' preschool) so will be contacting turtle rescue for her and taking in the local turtle and tortoise show as well. since we are still thinking of adopting a tortoise. (hmmm... are we "that family" that you can always hand a stray to? i guess so... not so bad really! the big bug has named her Giselle! doesn't she go mad? anyway...)

and i plan on attempting some serious thrifting with this good friend - sans kiddies! whoo hoo!

and i must make a trip to the post office!

and i'd like to do some sewing, and try my hand at those freezer paper stencils. but we will see...


(is "friday light" an L.A. term? or is it used in reference to traffic in other places?? i'd never heard it before i moved here. but then again, i never drove a car much before i moved here!)


this single spark said...

uh.... how is that a slow weekend?!? at least in canada we have monday off.

o. and i are going to work like mad in the yard on saturday and then do *nothing* on sunday. should be great!

Tracy said...

you are so right. as always my dear. i am weaning myself. one planned activity/day. next weekend - one activity/weekend???? xo

shim + sons said...

Have a lovely weekend! Wow, adopting a tortoise...that's a new one! Hope you find some treasures while thrifting!

melissa f. said...

don't be afraid to plan things-- it's always nice to have a plan and then be flexible enough to scrap it! We usually have a list of maybes and then a couple have-tos... the housework is usually the first to go.

hopefully your weekend will be full of sweetness and light.

molly said...

have a wonderful weekend. that plant is beautiful, and the term friday light, i've never heard....must be L.A.
it sounds like your house of adopted animals is starting to sound a little like mine...(maybe you need a barn!!) :)

blair said...

That photo is gorgeous! I gasped when I pulled it up. Have a great weekend.

Tracy said...

thanks sally! hope your weekend is a good one too!

and you are right melissa. i do love lists! (and delegating housework to the bottom of them!)

i would LOVE a barn Molly. maybe someday...

thanks blair

Shari said...

hi tracy,
i love this photo too. and a tortoise named giselle. perfect! hope you had a nice weekend. looking forward to seeing some thrifted treasures and also your freezer stencil results! i really want to try that myself. xo, shari