Monday, May 22, 2006

moment found

so giselle is ours. more on that tomorrow.

but have to tell that she has inspired us. and helped us on our quest to slow down. we are so into watching her walk slowly around our (turtle-proofed) yard. to see how she stops and stretches her neck to listen to the birds. or watch a moth take off from the long grass growing along the fence.(we seem to have so many more birds and bugs this summer - good bugs too - "rollie polies", praying mantids, ladybugs...) and how she finds a cool and dark spot in that tall grass and has a nap.

so saturday, as soon as the girls woke up to the moist morning, they were out to watch giselle. boots and pjs on.


in the afternoon. with the arrival of the sun and heat, we set-up under an umbrella in the backyard and simply watched her. the girls painted, drew, and snacked while i tore through old issues of Canadian House and Home (a throw-back to my "heritage"!). it was lovely.

this was our "easy-breezy" saturday molly.thanks so much for talking about this too! (and for these. i love them so and can't wait to do something with them! or should i say i can wait? - and look forward to doing something with them nice and slow!...)


melissa f. said...

making art outside-- i love it!

Alicia A. said...

Sounds just wonderful. and s l o w...

molly said...

can i TELL you how many pictures I could have of my girls in their boots and pajamas...outside first thing in the morning. (actually i'd be lucky if they were in their pj, vs. just their underoos and boots!!)
I am loving that you have a turtle roaming around in your yard. Sounds fanstastic!~ I can't wait to hear more stories and see more pictures. giselle looks quite sweet in her photos.
glad you enjoyed a slow weekend. wasn't it nice? I had some wonderful moments where I just stopped and enjoyed all that was going on around me.
(and glad you liked the buttons, too!!)

this single spark said...

Giselle could not have a better home!

stephanie said...

congratulations on the addition of giselle to your family. mia would like you to know that if you're traveling to new york city, the plaza is the only hotel that will let you have a turtle (she learned this from eloise).

just love that boot photo.

Tracy said...


aren't kids and boots the best. doesn't matter if it is 100 degrees here my girls first choice is their boots. (we have been spotted walking around the block in boots and bikinis. well not "we" actually - just the little ones!!)

let mia know that we have been reading and rereading eliose the last few nights steph! em is trying to pick up as many "pointers" as she can :) (i have said "no" to bathing with giselle. and to braiding her ears. but agreed that "Skiperdee" is a lovely middle-name...)