Wednesday, May 24, 2006

a note of thanks

to all who are awaiting swaps/gifts from me - for being so patient! i thought i'd save up everything so that i'd only have to make one drive to the post office (trying to save petrol you know!) but now i will have a car full! this is the week!!

to hayley. for sharing her fantastic music collection .

thanks hayley

to molly. for these beautiful buttons. what to do with them? i can't wait...


and for including some beautiful ribbon from her stash.

to shari. for a sample of her and t's brew. (we have been saving it for a night when no one has to rush anywhere - and tonight is the night!)


and for the lovely fabric, and tea too! and for wrapping it all in bubble wrap! (upon opening the box the little bug whipped off her socks and started to dance!)

to sam. for being such a good friend. for joining me on sunday for a thrifting escapade. and for finding this and letting me take it home!


to my big bug. for not letting me go to work with a plain old travel cup. for insisting it needed some "fancy-ing up".


and to stephanie. for putting me on her "visiting" list. wow! traffic has picked up! i am flattered. i agree on the cute kids, and even the cool house. but feel i need to work on the crafting end of it all!

to all those who participated in the music swap. there seem to be happy feet dancing all over the place! (and if you haven't sent yours out yet - i am right there with you!! where does the time go? as moms we all know too well...)

and to all those who come by. for the words of support and encouragement. and for all those i visit. for opening up their lives, their trials and tribulations, their joy and celebrations. i am touched and honored to be a little part of such an amazing, creative community. and i thank you.


justine said...

yes you do have cute kids a cool house (LOVE the cards on the kitchen wall) and yes I am with you I need to up the anti on my craft action!!!

molly said...

I had to tell you I had last minute inspiration on my CD for your i'm behind too. It's all here, just needs to be boxed up. I'm overflowing with things that need to go to the post too. that's my goal for today--to get everything boxed and out the door by tomorrow! glad we're in the same boat...!
and I'm glad you hosted the CD swap, because i never would have found your wonderful blog and gotten the chance to get to know you a little better through our posts and emails!

Jody said...

Hi. Just wanted to invite you to stop by my Nitty.Gritty. blog and read a few entries from my Decmber Archives. After my four year old daughter, Teagan was killed in 2001, I have learned so many things including life is precious and could be gone at any moment. My tragedy put my life in perspective...and I try to share some of that journey and experience through my blog. Love yours...I marked it so I can stop by often. Hope to see you around!

Shari said...

hi tracy!

hope you enjoyed the oak pollen! i'm glad i could send a little treat your way. cannot wait to have mr. piggy sitting on my desk as i type! happy thursday to you and d and the bugs! xo, shari

hannah said...

good idea on the saving up to head to the post office. because then the ladies there will think you have all these fabulous friends all over the world and are always recieving great packages as well. oh wait. you do! have a wonderful weekend! will you revisit the cd swap? i missed out on it. dang...

Tracy said...


i think if i had enough interest i would certainly do the kids cd swap again. maybe in the fall? will let you know...