Thursday, May 11, 2006

Corners of Our Home 14

I was recently asked - in response to my statement regarding the ample supply of linen we have around the house - whether or not my husband is an artist. He is. His work graces almost every wall in our home. I love it. (I am probably his biggest fan - or at least in a tie with his mom!) Through my work I know too well that the "art world" isn't an easy place. Too much these days depends on persona and personality and too little on talent. D has not ventured into that big bad world. Not for lack of desire. Or talent. But, I think, to time and obligations. To its loss.

You have seen glimpses of his work in other corners - but here are some better views.


I know that it has been the subject of much concern for him that he hasn't had the opportunity to pick up a paint brush (not the kind you paint walls or fences or... with!) since our first daughter was born. We moved into our home right before her arrival almost 5 years ago and every spare moment has pretty much had him working on the house.


I try and tell him that the house will be his masterpiece. His greatest work - a testament to his enormous talent. And I am serious. I know that it doesn't bring him the same satisfaction that paint on canvas does. But I think that is because, right now, he is caught up in the deadlines, in the mundane bits and pieces that have to be addressed in order to move on with it all. (Baseboards, window mouldings... Melissa , Stephanie and I have commiserated. And joked that we could start a flickr group of pictures taken in homes without baseboards!)


And I bug him (too much) that we have to keep on track. That he has to keep busy with it. I know at times I seem frustrated that things are not moving more quickly. (Yes, ahem, I can be a little, ahem, impatient...) But I do understand. And I do marvel at his abilities (woodworking, electrical, plumbing, tile work, landscaping, pool maintenance...) And I do want to see him enjoying making art again. Soon. Now. Let's try and make it so...

Our home is a masterpiece, honey. Our Home. And (soon?) it will be behind us and you will be able to sit back and say - "Look at this. I did this. This is mine."


stephanie said...

great post and tribute. i so understand. i understand *too much*.

your husband is very talented. the chicken remains my favorite.

this single spark said...

I love the chicken too! And the very large one of the stag... don't know if that's hanging in your house. I wish I had a thimble full of D's talent with a brush, even on the walls and fence.

And I am very, very thankful that the people who lived in my house before me did so much work. It isn't really "me" but it's finished and I can live with it.

Shari said...

wonderful post tracy. i loved seeing d's work up close. such beautiful paintings! hope you have a happy mother's day!

melissa f. said...

I'm there with you. Completely.

Alicia A. said...

His paintings are great!

And about the house- completely understand. We are in the same position.

Someday we'll sit back and enjoy it all.

amy h said...

I completely understand. Every time I ask my husband to help with a house project, I know time is being taken away from his animation work. (And our house hasn’t even required major renovations!) I think many creative people end up making trade-offs like this.

Your husband does very nice work!

cally said...

Oh I really really like his work. When the house is ready (and BOY can I sympathise with that) he will have a great space and stress free time to create again. I miss making things while I do my house. I need a man with skills to help me!

Julie said...

Your husbands work is fantastic! Its not easy, the life of an artist - as you say - dont worry , things will fall into place when they are supposed to. Great blog!

lisa said...

as i said on flickr, i love his work. i want to see more!!

Tracy said...

thanks so much for all your kind words! d is flattered by all the attention!! and if you don't know it - the chicken is here

(and is my favorite too!!)