Tuesday, May 09, 2006

elliot smith tribute

have i mentioned that our girls are two of eleven granddaughters to my mother-in-law? we are blessed with having eight nieces all within a few minutes of us. they range in ages from our little bug (being the youngest at almost 2) all the way up to 21. they are roughly divided into two camps. the six 2 - 6 year olds. and the five 14 - 21 year olds. getting together is always a blast.

falling into the older set is one of the nieces that isn't (unfortunately for us) close enough to see regularly. she is an amazing girl. (can i call you a girl??) and sent me a link today to this elliot smith tribute where you can hear her performing i figured you out.

must say her uncle was extra proud!

love you morgan!!


Mr. Man said...

Hey T.

Been listening to the Elliot Smith tribute on the recommendation of This Single Spark. I have always been a huge fan, and in my fantasy life as a singer/songwriter I would be the second coming of Elliot Smith. I know he led a troubled life filled with depression and addiction, and some of the stuff I heard on the tribute confirmed this. I heard a live recording from '97 that was kind of a poetry jam/music show. He sounded like he was blasted and most of his banter made absolutely no sense. His musical performance left much to be desired. However, some of the other live stuff I heard was absolutely amazing. Thanks for including the link.

On the subject of his death, I don't believe there's any way that someone could stab themselves in the heart (unless you're a Ninja). Tortured soul or not, Elliot Smith was murdered.

p.s. I am not a conspiracy theorist.

this single spark said...

I am hooked on this program. Haven't heard Morgan yet, but hope I get a chance to. Do you know what time she was on?

Tracy said...

i am glad you guys are enjoying it. i haven't had a chance to listen to it yet. i don't know what time morgan was on - i've emailed her - will let you know...